What tomatoes are best for salad?

In salads, the most delicious and most colorful. And since a beautiful color does not spoil anything, Green Zebra is ideal, very sharp, like Noir de Crime. Téton de venus has a sweeter taste and an original shape (besides the charming name).

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Vine tomato, classic and timeless (to think our growers neglect other varieties). But above all, it is the most stable and most productive. Indeed, it is juicy when harvested at maturity, and will clearly be at its best during the high season: from June to September.

In this regard, which tomatoes are the most delicious?

– 9th place: Black cherry. Bunch of Black Cherry Tomatoes. …
– 8th: Crimean black. Black Crimean tomato, with a delicate, almost sweet taste. …
– 7th place: Pineapple. Multi-colored tomatoes Pineapple. …
– 6th place: Andean Cornue. ⁇
– 5th place: Anna Russian. …
– 4th: Furnace F1. …
– 3rd place: Rose Berna. …
– 2ème: Green zebra.

What kind of tomato is the best?

Grapevine tomatoes, classic and timeless Grapevine tomatoes are by far the most common tomato variety! You can find it absolutely EVERYWHERE!Sep 6, 2016

Also, which tomatoes are the sweetest?

Yellow cherry tomatoes are always the sweetest. There are also yellow pear-shaped, round and even yellow pearls! September 6, 2016

What kind of tomato?

– Cherry tomatoes. Small, slightly elongated, red cherry tomatoes will go great with your aperitifs and summer salads! …
– Tomato “Beef heart” …
– Tomato from the Andes. …
– Green zebra tomato. …
– Crimean black tomato. …
– Roma tomato. …
– Tomato “Sweet baby” …
– Tomato Pineapple.

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What are the best tomatoes to plant?

NOIRE DE CRIMÉE This mid-season tomato with fruits weighing between 100 and 200 g is a must to grow.

Which tomato is the sweetest?

We tried tons of different tomatoes and one day we opened Zima, the sweetest tomato you will find in the supermarket! August 16, 2011

Which tomatoes to choose?

For growing in pots, balconies and terraces, opt for dwarf varieties that form small bushes, cherry or cocktail tomatoes. Potted tomatoes require a lot of water, as well as liquid fertilizer once every two weeks.

Which tomatoes are the most productive?

This year it was the most beautiful, the most fruitful and the most delicious: Valencia tomato! This tomato in shape, size and color exactly resembles an orange! Its taste is sweet and delicate.

What variety of tomato for tomato sauce?

1- Which tomatoes to choose? We prefer varieties that are not very rich in water, such as beef heart, cornu des Andes, pineapple tomatoes, black Crimean tomatoes. Trick: For more flavor, add cherry tomatoes, the most flavorful.

Which tomatoes are best for tomato sauce?

1- Which tomatoes to choose? We prefer varieties that are not very rich in water, such as beef heart, Andean horn, pineapple tomatoes, black Crimean tomatoes. Trick: For more flavor, add cherry tomatoes, the most flavorful.

What kind of tomatoes are stuffed tomatoes made from?

What varieties are stuffed tomatoes made from? To leave plenty of room for the stuffing, go for larger sizes, such as the lovely Marmande tomato. It is one of the unsurpassed varieties along with Cœur de boeuf and Ferline. They are most suitable for making classic stuffed tomatoes.

Are tomatoes sweet?

Rich in water (about 95%), tomatoes barely exceed 15 calories per 100 grams. Most of the energy it consumes comes from carbohydrates (fructose and glucose).

What kind of cherry tomato to choose?

What varieties to choose? Beginners are advised to start with hybrid F1 cherry tomatoes such as ‘Sweet 100’, ‘Summer Sun’ or ‘Sun Gold’, which are very productive and early varieties that are resistant to powdery mildew.

How to choose seedlings of tomatoes?

In the garden, tomatoes should be arranged in a row at a distance of at least 50 cm from each other. You can match two rows at a distance of 50 cm from each other, then an 80 cm alley and so on … Multiplying the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe garden in square meters by 2.8, you will get an approximate number of possible plants.

Is it possible to eat tomatoes at night?

The vitamin A found in tomatoes can greatly improve eyesight and even prevent blindness when consumed regularly over a long period of time. In addition, the presence of vitamin C, which, by the way, is a powerful antioxidant, can help prevent cataracts. 7. Because it’s good for bones.

What are the best tomatoes?

– 1- Bernese Rose Tomato Description: It is known as “Tomato Roll”. …
– 3- Tomato for Pepe cocktail …
– Description: Tomato of good size, dark red skin, ribbed shape. …
– Description: A true “heart-shaped variety” with large red heart-shaped fruits.

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