What is the best Caribbean rum?

In Martinique, the Plantations Saint-James distillery is located in Sainte-Marie. If different rums are produced there, then it is St. James rum that is presented here as one of the best rums of Martinique.

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– Caribbean.
– Guadeloupe.
the island of Grande Terre.
– Mold.
– Mold – Activity.
– Damoiseau distillery.

In this regard, what is the best rum from Guadeloupe?

Agricultural white rum Damoiseau 50° Among the rum producers on the island is the Damoiseau distillery. The latter produces an exceptional agricultural rum that even won a gold medal in the general agricultural gold competition.

What is the best rum between Martinique and Guadeloupe?

The best rum is old savannah. 7 years old and aged in cognac barrels.

Also, what is the best old rum in Martinique?

Among the drinks produced since 1932, Neisson White rum is one of the best rums in Martinique.

What kind of rum to choose in Martinique?

– 1 – La Favourite – SPECIAL CUVEE. La Flibuste is beyond age. …
– 2 – Neisson – 15 years. …
– 3 – Quintessence St. James – XO. …
– 4 – Clement – Cuvée Omer – Minor. …
– 5 – Rum JM – XO. …
– 1 – HSE – Black Sheriff. …
– 2- Neusson – White 55° …
– 3- Clement – ​​Blue cane 50°

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What is the best rum between Guadeloupe and Martinique?

The best rum is old savannah. 7 years old and aged in cognac barrels.

Which Rumeri to visit in Guadeloupe?

– The Damoiseau distillery – Le Moule.
– Bologna distillery – Basse-Terre.
– Domaine de Severin – Sainte-Rose.
– Distillery Longueteau – Capesterre-Belle-Eau.
– Poisson Distillery and its rum Père Labat – Marie-Galante.

What is the best rum from Martinique?

Old JM rum ​​is the most famous in Martinique and very popular with the locals. Be sure to visit the Depaz distillery, located at the foot of Mount Pele.

What brand of rum is the best?

The best rums… Good rum from Cuba: Bacardi Amber Rum from Cuba 8 years old. Good rum from Mauritius: New Grove Old Oak. Good rum from Guadeloupe: 3-year-old amber damuazo. Good rum from the Philippines: Rum Don Papa.

What is the best rum?

Rum Optimus 25 years old is considered one of the best rums in the world. It comes from the great Cuban rum tradition that the Oliver family has developed to offer exceptional quality rums such as this 25 year old version of Optimus.

Which plantation to visit in Guadeloupe?

The Plantation Grand Café banana plantation in Guadeloupe, with its colonial-style mansion, is a must-see in the region. Bananas, oriented towards the cultivation of coffee, vanilla and cocoa, appeared around 1950. The farm covers 3 hectares and it takes about 2 hours to visit.

What are the best brands of rum?

– No. 1. Rum Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva 70 cl. (2014) …
– No. 2. Clément Vsop Old agricultural rum 700 ml. (25) …
– No. 3. Rhum Clément VO 1L – Old agricultural rum from … (30) …
– Promon° 4. Zacapa, Rum Centenario Age 23 – Virtual Products… …
– Promon ° 5. Rum Bumbu XO 700 ml. …
– No. 6. Rum Don Papa 70 cl.

Is rum from Guadeloupe better than from Martinique?

Agricultural rum from Guadeloupe has a wilder, rawer and richer character than rum from Martinique. Marie Galante watches, made in a small handicraft industry, have a 59° instead of the usual 50-55°. The production of these two islands is about 37,000 hectoliters of pure alcohol.

How to recognize a good rum?

Amber rum, trendy rum at the moment Amber is a good intermediary between tasting rum and white rum: its taste is subtle enough to drink it neat or in a cocktail. This rum owes its amber color to the contact of the drink with an oak barrel during aging.

What activities are possible in Guadeloupe?

– 1 – Discover paradise beaches. …
– 2 – Discover unusual hiking trails. …
– 3 – Discover Creole cuisine: a gourmet island. …
– 4 – Discover Soufriere. …
– 5 – Discover many marine activities. …
— 6 — Discover exceptional flora and fauna. …
– 7 – Discover rivers and waterfalls.

What is the most beautiful part of Guadeloupe?

Guadeloupe National Park Guadeloupe National Park is one of the most beautiful places to see while traveling in Guadeloupe. Located in Basse-Terre, it has been declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. The park is huge and offers almost 300 km of hiking trails.

Where to buy good rum in Guadeloupe?

– Caribbean.
– Guadeloupe.
the island of Grande Terre.
– Mold.
– Mold – Activity.
– Damoiseau distillery.

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