What honey for a sore throat?

For sore throats, the use of eucalyptus, thyme or fir honey is preferable due to their antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties for the respiratory tract. Lavender honey is also great for treating sore throats, dry coughs, and asthma problems.

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Among the best honeys for health is lavender honey. It is a completely natural food produced by bees that collect the nectar of lavender flowers. Its golden yellow, slightly amber color is characteristic. And its taste too, with unsurpassed fruit aromas.

In this regard, which honey is best for health?

Thyme and manuka honeys are known for their healing properties. Acacia honey is known for its relaxing and digestive properties. Chestnut honey is rich in trace elements. It is effective in combating fatigue and circulatory problems.

What brand of honey is best?

Brand/name Physical and chemical quality (55%) Total score/20
———————————————— ——————————————————
Honeymoon / Flower Honey + 12.5
Honeymoon / Organic Fairtrade Honey + 11.5
Mark Mark – Comb / Spread honey + 11.5
Famille Mary / Flower honey from the Champagne region + 11

Also, How to cure a sore throat with honey?

Honey. Due to its antibacterial and antitussive properties, honey can speed up the healing of sore throats. Honey also has a hypertonic and osmotic effect, that is, it draws water from inflamed tissues, reducing swelling and pain.

Where to buy real organic honey?

Where can you buy organic honey? You can buy organic, 100% natural raw honey and other bee products on our website www.abeille-heureuse.fr or call 03 69 71 99 32.

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How much honey per day?

Honey contains 70-80% sugar, just like jam. A tablespoon of honey contains two sugar cubes. If a person does not consume sugar at all elsewhere, he can afford three tablespoons of honey a day.” July 1, 2014

Which honey is best for the liver?

The best honey for the liver is honey with rosemary.

When is the best time to drink honey?

We should get a paste that is neither too thin nor too thick. Then we keep this mixture in a cool place and every morning, about 30 minutes before breakfast, we swallow a spoonful.

What are the disadvantages of honey?

Honey contains nutrients with antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a healthy food. But eating too much sugar is just as bad as any other type of sugar.

Is honey good for the stomach?

The use of honey facilitates digestion. Thus, its consumption regulates intestinal transit and fights gastroenteritis. Honey also eases the work of the stomach, especially recommended for people suffering from stomach ulcers.

Why does honey soothe the throat?

When honey caresses your throat, it soothes coughs and fights infection that causes impurities. A soothed throat prevents further irritation and definitely helps you get better.

What honey is for the liver?

The best honey for the liver is honey with rosemary. Its glucose is quickly absorbed and instantly converted into energy.

How to moisturize your throat?

It is also advisable to drink a lot: hot drinks or room temperature (tea, water), avoid coffee, suck on lollipops.

Which honey for which problem?

To soothe the symptoms of benign ENT diseases such as colds, bronchitis, sore throats, respiratory discomfort, etc., one can quote: thyme honey; spruce honey; eucalyptus honey.

What is an anti-inflammatory remedy for a sore throat?

If you are allergic to paracetamol, you can use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or “NSAIDs” (ibuprofen, ketoprofen) or aspirin. Some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have specific indications for painful sore throats: niflumic acid and thiaprofenic acid.

Where is the best honey in France?

Landes: Its hives produce the finest French honey.

What honey for stomach pain?

For the treatment of the stomach and intestines, it is reasonable to use honey, known for its effect on the digestive system, for example: honey from acacia; sea ​​buckthorn honey; rosemary honey.

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