Types of swiss cheese

Last updated: June 3, 2021 | Author: Mark Dent

How many types of Swiss cheese are there?

More than 475 people live in Switzerland varieties from cheese. Cow’s milk is used in approximately 99 percent cheeses produced. The rest is sheep and goat milk.

What are the 2 most popular cheeses in Switzerland?

That upper– produced assortment Swiss cheese is Le Gruyère, of which over 28,500 tons were produced in 2015. Perhaps surprisingly, mozzarella comes in second, followed by Emmentaler, séré (the most Swiss-French word fromage frais) and Raclette. Emmentaler with characteristic holes is a favorite.

What is the tastiest Swiss cheese?

eight swiss cheeses It will amaze you

  • Der Scarf Max. As you can guess from the strong, bizarre smell, this cheese it is treated for a long time – more than 150 days.
  • Kaltbach Gruyere.
  • Max Extra.
  • Alter Schweitzer.
  • Furtufel.
  • Tete de Moine.
  • Appenzeller.
  • Emmentaler.
  • What is the Swiss cheese called?

    Swiss cheese was first made in Switzerland in the 15th century. But there it is known as “emmental” or “emmentaler”.

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