Jeffrey Epstein Victims Attorney Accuses Andrew Of Hypocrisy For Refusing To Cooperate With FBI

Jeffrey Epstein Victims Attorney Accuses Andrew Of Hypocrisy For Refusing To Cooperate With FBI

Campaigners last night demanded that Prince Andrew speak to the FBI about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

One lawyer representing Epstein’s victims accused the duke of hypocrisy for promising to help victims of sexual assault but refusing to cooperate with authorities investigating the filthy web spun by his late pedophile friend.

Gloria Allred said Duke’s pledge to fight “sex-trafficking villains” as part of his settlement with Virginia Roberts, who filed the lawsuit under her married name Virginia Giuffre, should begin with agreeing to interviews with federal agents.

It was stated last night that the Duke of York could no longer repeat his denial that he raped Ms Roberts due to the terms of their out-of-court settlement.

It has been argued that the gag clause means that neither party can discuss the case or the alleged £12 million financial deal, although it is argued that these terms only bought Ms Roberts silence for a certain period of time.

Attorney Gloria Allred said Prince Andrew's pledge to fight the

Attorney Gloria Allred said Prince Andrew’s pledge to fight the “evil of sex trafficking” as part of his settlement with Virginia Roberts (both pictured) should begin with agreeing to an interview with the FBI.

This is said to prevent the Duke from even repeating his statement that he does not remember meeting Miss Roberts.

Regarding the Duke’s promise to support victims of sexual abuse, Ms Allred said his words were “meaningless” and a “face-saving public relations gesture” if he didn’t follow through.

Andrew is still considered a “Person of Interest” by the FBI, which last looked into the matter in an August 2021 Reuters report.

But despite promising to cooperate with law enforcement in a 2019 BBC Newsnight interview, the Duke has yet to give American investigators a stone wall.

They are believed to still be looking for others in Epstein’s world following the conviction of Ghyslaine Maxwell, another of Andrew’s girlfriends, in December for recruiting and trafficking underage girls for abuse.

In a statement Tuesday with Ms. Roberts, Andrew said he “promises to show his regret over his association with Epstein by supporting the fight against the evil of sex trafficking and supporting its victims.”

Ms Allred said: “It is high time for him to agree to answer their questions about what he knows and observed about Jeffrey Epstein and underage girls.

“For him to assume that he will become an advocate against trafficking in underage girls for the purpose of sexual exploitation, and at the same time refuse to provide US law enforcement with answers to their questions on this issue, is senseless and hypocritical.

Andrew (pictured) is still considered a

Andrew (pictured) is still considered a “Person of Interest” for the FBI, which last looked into the matter in an August 2021 Reuters report.

“This is just a PR gesture that saves face. He should announce that he will immediately contact federal prosecutors and arrange a time and place to answer all their questions. His silence is deafening.

Lisa Bloom, a lawyer representing eight of Epstein’s victims, said: “If he’s going to keep his promise to support the victims, his first step should be to call the FBI. Will he do it? Obviously not.’

Robert Marsh, a lawyer representing victim Sarah Ransome, said: “I hope he [co-operate] but there is no suggestion in the released statement that it will. It all seems to suggest that he will give money to a group of victims.”

Andrew’s refusal to cooperate with the FBI led to a falling out with Jeffrey Berman, the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, who oversaw the Epstein investigation.

In June 2020, Berman accused Duke of “falsely portraying himself” as wanting to be interviewed. Mr. Berman also claimed that Andrew “shut the door” on working with them.

In the summer of 2020, it was revealed that the US authorities had sent a formal request to the British government for access to the prince as part of the Epstein investigation.

However, almost two years later, it still sits on a shelf at the Home Office.

After Maxwell’s denunciation, Mr. Berman’s successor Damian Williams said: “This office will always support the victims, will always follow the facts wherever they lead, and will always fight for no one, no matter how powerful and good communications, was not above the law.’

The Southern District of New York declined to comment, and the FBI did not respond yesterday.

A representative for the Duke also declined to comment.

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