how to write i love you in hmong

How do you say my love in Hmong?

What is I love you in Hmong?

Like me love you“. Kuv Yej Khlub Koi.

How do you say hello in Hmong?

How do you say heart in Hmong?

heart translated into hmong

  • hmong. lubricant
  • နှလုံး
  • What is Hmong liver?

    Usually, hmong to tie liverunlike the heart, with emotions. Liver: (nplooj siab) liver is the center of emotions (much like the American view of the heart as the center of emotions). A person’s character is often described by an adjective followed by the word liver or “siab”.

    How do you say liver in Hmong?

    The purpose of this list is to give a rough idea of hmong language.

    hmong Word list.

    English hmong (Hmob Dob)
    breast miss
    heart floating
    liver siab
    drink House

    How do you say gallbladder in Hmong?

    cib. So that’s how you to tellgallbladder in Hmong.

    How do you say spleen in Hmong?

    Please rate the definitionspleen”, which is the most useful for you.


    English hmong
    2. spleen txiav

    What is the Hmong pancreas?

    from English to hmong Meaning :: pancreas. pancreas : tksaw.

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