How to write a condition

What does state mean?

1 : something essential for something else to appear or arise, especially: the need for the available oxygen of the environment. is an necessary condition for animal life. 2a: usually poor health serious heart condition. b : state of fitness required to achieve condition. condition.

What is a condition and an example?

Definition condition it is a state that something or someone is in, or may also refer to a specific disease. An example from condition The sofa is brand new with no defects. An example from condition it’s a tough work environment. An example from condition is it a cold or the flu.

What is the Short Answer Condition?

Conditioningin physiology, a behavioral process in which response becomes more frequent or more predictable in a given environment as a result of reinforcement, with the reinforcement usually being a stimulus or reward for the desired response.

What is the state of man?

Person condition are all the characteristics and key events that make up the basis of human existence, including birth, growth, emotions, aspirations, conflicts and mortality.

What is another word for good condition?

What else can be said about good condition?

healthy form healed
Wellnourished cured fixed intact intact painless restored

What is the right state?

CORRECT CONDITION: Care must be taken during transport and storage, especially when handling organic products that are fragile or have a short shelf life. 4. RIGHT PLACE: Every thing should be in its place, this achieves maximum efficiency. Something very important for the field of production. 5.

What are the 7 R’s of logistics?

So, what is 7 rupees? Charter Institute Logistics & Transport UK (2019) defines them as getting the right product in the right quantity, in the right condition, in the right place, at the right time, to the right buyer, at the right price.

What is the right state in logistics?


Logistics firms must be sure condition product when it reaches the end consumer. The product must not be broken, and the packaging must be intact. There must be proper research and development to get the product to the buyer in the shortest possible time. correct condition.

What are the synonyms for conditions?

other words for condition

  • action.
  • case.
  • plight.
  • position.
  • quality.
  • situation.
  • status.
  • standing.

What is another word for poor?

1 needy, poor, needy, constrained, destitute, penniless, beggar. 5 meager.

What is the best word for “has”?

What is another word for has?

owns owns boasts
It has keeps
It has possession

What else to say about the bad state?

Alternative Synonyms for the phrase “poor condition”.“:

unsuitability; softness; bad form; poor health; ill health; health problems.

What is a bad condition?

condition. : not strong and not ready to work or play sports She does not take care of herself and is in bad condition.

What’s one word for old and torn in disrepair?

shabby. adjective. old And in bad condition.

What is a bad condition?

BAD CONDITION (noun) noun BAD CONDITION has 1 meaning: 1. the poor physical condition; be out of shape or out of shape condition (as from a life of ease and luxury) Acquaintance information: BAD CONDITION rarely used as a noun.

What word is worse than terrible?

scandalous, terrible, horribledisgusting, horrible, horriblespooky, disgustingdisgusting, dreadful, disgusting, vile, dreadful, shameful, horrible, horriblenasty, gloomy, terrible, horrible.

What is the old state?

: has fallen into disrepair, fallen into disrepair, or partially deteriorated, especially due to careless or improper use dilapidated An old house. Synonyms Other example sentences Learn more about dilapidated.

What does good condition mean?

1. In Okay, good health; strong or suitable. Boy I really need to get in condition.

What is good used condition?

usedGood: The product wears out through constant use, but remains good condition and is functioning properly. The product may arrive with damaged packaging or be repackaged. It may be marked, marked, or have minor cosmetic damage.

What is Amazon used in good condition?


The product shows wear and tear from constant use, but remains in good condition and is functioning properly. The product may arrive with damaged packaging or be repackaged. It may be marked, marked, or have minor cosmetic damage.

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