How to take a 3D photo

How do you take 3D photos with your phone?

How to make a 3D image on iPhone?

How to post a 3D image to Facebook?

To create your 3D photo:

  • Click Photo/Video at the top of a News Feed, group, or Page.
  • Select two files ( image and depth map), then drag files to mail. When the files are added to your mail, 3D image will be created.
  • Click mail.
  • Why is the 3D photo not on my Facebook?

    If you do No see “View 360 Photo“, then you need to fix the 360 ​​metadata. (See below.) Click “Share” and select facebook News feed. If so No appear in 360 Look and looks equirectangular instead, then fix the 360 ​​metadata first (see below).

    What phones make 3D pictures?

    Do you have newer Telephone like iPhone 11 or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, or older like Motorola Moto G6 or iPhone 6S, you maybe use the new LucidPix app to take 3D photos.

    Which application can make your photos 3D? “Phogy is a cool and innovative Appendix which allows you create cool 3D selfie you maybe share on social networks or set as your wallpaper background. “Exclusive Android app takes 3D photos is the movement when v smartphone has been moved.

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