How to spell worthy

Descent” means downward movement, downward slope or lineage. “Decent” means civilized, good or adequate.

What does it mean when someone is decent?

one. definition from decent is an someone or something respectable, modest, correct, or honest and kind. Example decent uses appropriate language in a formal setting.

How to spell decent people?


Decent is an adjective that means adequate or suitable, as in decent food, or Okay or respectable, as in honest man.

Worthy is a positive word?

But the usage you describe doesn’t seem to fit the pattern; usually a negative value is reversed to indicate positive one. Decent pretty neutral, actually. Not particularly Okaybut not bad either.

Is it a decent compliment?

Decent‘ can be ambiguous. “That worthy of you”. . . a statement that can be taken either as compliment, or mockery, depends on the reason and tone of delivery. “This is very decent of you”. . . . stronger complimentor a laugh.

What does it mean to look decent?

This means quite handsome.. or normal good seeking guy.

Is decent better than good?

Difference between Decent and Good. When used as adjectives decent means suitable, while Okay means to act in the interest of advantageousethical, or morality. Good is also an interjection with the meaning: i.e. Okay. Good also a noun with the meaning: forces or behavior that is the enemy of evil

Worthy is slang?

Meaning DECENT. So now you know – DECENT means “Good, great” – don’t thank us. DECENT is an acronym, abbreviation or slang the word that is explained above where DECENT definition is given.

What does fake cute mean?

That Fake A cutie is either a grown woman or a mature person but insists on dressing, talking and acting like a child, sometimes to a disgusting degree, or at least much younger than she is to be cute and “get dates” or other benefits.

Is decent informal?

decent | American dictionary

Decent also means good or kind: they are simply decent, ordinary people. infml Decent also means wearing socially acceptable clothing: when the players showered and decentlet the journalists in.

What do you mean I’m not decent?

Cassell’s Dictionary of Slang states that worthy means “to be fully clothed”; usually during the process of dressing, for example, “wait a minute, I’m not decent!” or you decent(321)? Moreover, decent also means be suitable for members of the royal family or for people who are higher in rank or status.

What’s not decent?

1 awkward, indiscreet, inappropriate, wrong, indecent, indecent, inappropriate. 2 clumsy, inept, unsatisfactory. 3 clumsy, impolite.

What is a decent man?

decent guy” is a colloquial phrase meaning “pleasant guy“. It can also be used as “decent woman”. He who is kind will not cheat and will generally be a good partner.

Do guys like pretty girls?

The study reports that men find “Nicewomen are more attractive and sexually attractive than the so-called “bad” ones girls. So why make some men how and chase the bad girls? Pompey: When it comes to the attractiveness of a bad girl, not necessarily a man to want the power of destruction in their lives.

When girls say you’re a good guy?

In my experience, this essentially means You too much Nice to her – You not be yourself and/or be fake to her. You should treat her as if you your best friends. girls I don’t want men who lean towards everything she said. girls to want guys To be youreself.

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