How to spell unprecedented

What unprecedented means?

: unprecedented : new, unprecedented.

What’s another word for unprecedented?

What’s another word for unprecedented?

unsurpassed exceptional
unusual original
outstanding unheard of
abnormal bizarre
incomparable stunning

Can we say unprecedented times?

With unprecedented times word is overused unprecedented generally. In fact, headlines continue to use the word in every possible combination: “COVID-19 brought this unprecedented crisis in the world…Unprecedented stimulus packages to be sent out next week…”

What is the most used word in 2020?

most used word in 2020: “Unprecedented,” Fremont Fire Chief Curtis Jacobson said during a briefing Tuesday afternoon.

Why does everyone use the word unprecedented?

This word you hear the world leaders use to give some meaning to what we face. Unprecedented is a euphemism. It’s a softer way of saying, “We don’t really know what’s going on, but because we’re leaders, we can’t say it. We didn’t prepare for it because we couldn’t fully prepare for it.

What is the word of the year 2020?

Based on a statistical analysis of words that are found in a very large number in our online dictionary, and also shows a significant year-above-year traffic increase, Merriam-Webster’s word of the year per 2020 is a pandemic.

How many times has the word unprecedented been used in 2020?

I then ran a similar search for all of 2019, which resulted in a total of 11 posts. In others the words, wordunprecedented” was used sixteen once more often v 2020 than last year – at least as far as my email is concerned. That word appeared in an average of 18 emails per month.

What can I use instead of unprecedented time?

After all, unprecedented has over 30 synonyms. Instead of to get it out of your vocabulary, try: bizarre, unprecedented, extraordinary, new, unheard of, or the only one.

What are you saying at this time?

What is another word for this tense?

present tense currently
in the current circumstances more
in our life this day
in our time simply
just now at this moment

What is another word for pandemic?

What is another word for pandemic?

common widespread
Global all-pervading
epidemic rampant
abounds universal
accepted all

How do you use unprecedented times?

  • “These unprecedented times.
  • “We are in unprecedented times.
  • we live in unprecedented times.
  • These unprecedented times in Europe.
  • Unprecedented Times will be with us for a while.
  • But obviously we are in a period unprecedented times.
  • They know better than anyone what it is unprecedented times.
  • What are examples of the unprecedented?

    That meaning unprecedented it’s something that wasn’t there before. An example of an unprecedented is an v The Olympic athlete took home nine medals, setting a new record. Having no previous example. Unprecedented the economic growth.

    What is the opposite of unprecedented?

    unprecedented(adj.) having no precedent; Novel. “an unprecedented growth of population and industry” Antonyms: previous.

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