How to spell tongue in mouth

How do you spell šŸ‘…?


  • Outdated writing from language.
  • Typo language.
  • What is the difference between tongue and language?

    Like nouns difference between tongue and tongue

    in that language is an (language) bye language it is a movable muscle organ v a mouth that is used to move food, to taste, and which moves to different positions to change the flow of air from the lungs to produce different sounds in speech.

    How do you spell Tung?

    Right writing for the English word “tung” is an [tĖˆŹŒÅ‹], [tĖˆŹŒÅ‹], [t_ĖˆŹŒ_ŋ] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

    Why is the language written this way?

    That orthographic language thus is neither etymological nor phonetic, and only very slightly historical.] writing comes from French and indicates that the letter g was once pronounced – in other words, it was not always just enma (ŋ).

    Oh silent on the tongue?

    In combination kn k is equal to quiet.

    Some common combinations you may already know.

    Quiet l would, talk, half, folk, almond, salmon
    Quiet Oh chocolate, sophomore, catholic
    Quiet E vegetable, Wednesday
    Quiet Tue two, who, whole, wrist, sword, answer
    Quiet U build, cookie, guest, languagecatalogue, plague


    October 9, 2017

    Why do people spell language incorrectly?

    Because ‘languageis an not spelled phonetically, and because “oh” is an such a common phoneme in English. Besides, if your brain tells youlanguageā€, you will have the thought for a split second that this is like must pronounced like “tong-yu”, which is an obviously funny. That’s how much people end up writing it wrong.

    Why do I pronounce words wrong?

    Usually, a nervous or brain disorder makes it difficult to control the tongue, lips, larynx, or vocal cords that produce speech. Dysarthria, which presents difficulties word pronunciation, sometimes confused with aphasia, which is difficulty speaking speech. People with dysarthria may also have trouble swallowing.

    Why are English words difficult to pronounce correctly?

    Reason 2: a lot English words have long strings of vowels. The words this group has difficult because the vowels in them form sounds that are usually denoted by one or two letters. As a result, some vowels are “lost” in the process.

    Why is English imperfect?

    Generally speaking, English has two limitations: It’s inconsistent in terms of spelling, pronunciation, and conventions. Its structure often leads to ambiguity in terms of meaning and communication.

    Why is English corrupted?

    Unfortunate thing for English spelling is that during very At the same time, there were huge changes in pronunciation. middle English became modern English. So we get one spelling for many vowels – ea in knead, bread, wear and tear – and several spellings for one vowel sound – due and dew, So and sew.

    Is English difficult to learn?

    That English language is considered one of the most difficult master. Due to unpredictable spelling and difficulties with to study grammar, it is difficult for both learners and native speakers.

    Is it possible to learn English in 3 months?

    An ordinary student who has some basic knowledge, can learn talk English in three months. There may be other reasons to study in such a short period of time: work-related needs, travel, and so on.

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