How to spell superior

What is the meaning of leadership?

noun. definition of higher (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : one who is superior to another in rank, position or office, especially: the head of a religious house or order. 2: one who excels another in quality or merit.

Superior means better?

superiors adjective (IT IS BETTER) it is better than average or it is better than other people or things of the same type: this is clearly a job superiors artist.

What do you call someone who is taller than you?

superiors. noun. someone who is older you in an organization or at work. Your immediate superiors takes a position directly above your.

Is improvement capitalized?

You capitalize this is when it is used as part of a proper name. Your first, second and fourth examples are correct, the third is not. He gave two examples of large lakes, Michigan and superiors. In this example, the “Lake” part of the proper names “Lake Michigan” and “Lake”. superiors omitted.

What is an example of superiority?

Definition superiors it is one who is higher in degree, rank, number, etc., than others. An example from superiors is the manager of the company. superiors means greater or greater value.

What is the opposite of superior?

What is the opposite of superior?

modest respectful
uncertain modest
unpretentious shy
shy retirement
shy shy

What is an excellent relationship?

1 is superior in quality, quantity, etc. 2 is of high or exceptional value, merit, etc. 3 is superior in rank or status. a superiors tribunal. 4 showing a conscious sense of being superior or better than others; haughty.

What is the opposite of advanced?

Antonyms: backward, uncivilized, regressive, low, early, low-tech, middle, uncivilized, backward(s) advancedforward-looking, innovative, modern (adj.)

What makes something great?

adjective. If you are describing something as superiorsyou mean it’s good, and better than other things of the same kind.

What is the verb of superiority?

transcending. verbgo over the edge; excel. be superiors. beat.

Is super short for superb?

As an adjective, the difference between super and superiors

in that super excellent quality, thinnest while superiors higher in quality.

What part of speech is the word above?


Part of speech: adjective
Connected the words: choice, quirky, fantastic, good, out of this world, top notch, gorgeous, superb, supreme, awesome
Part of speech: noun

Is there any point in being more superior?

7 answers. Yes, the best incorrect: English forbids double superlatives. It’s because superiors in itself is already an absolute form of the superlative degree (well, or an absolute comparative; in any case, it already declines in degree). This is how to use more or most for the best or the best.

Better “excellent” or “superior”?

As an adjective, the difference between Great and superiors

in that Great is of the highest quality; great so far superiors higher in quality.

What is superior power?

one : superiors or irresistible power. 2: An event or effect that cannot be reasonably foreseen or controlled – compare a natural disaster.

What does force majeure mean in English?

Force Majeure is a French term that literally means “more power“. It is related to the concept of a natural disaster, an event for which neither party can be held responsible, such as a hurricane or a tornado.

What is force majeure example?

Typical List Force Majeure events may include war, riot, fire, flood, hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, lightning, explosion, strike, lockout, slowdown, prolonged power outage, and action by a state or government to prohibit or prevent any party from fulfilling its respective obligations

Is force majeure a natural disaster?

Works of God– also known as Force Majeure events are natural disasters (or other destructive events) that are completely beyond human control. Term “Law of God” usually appears in a contract to stipulate some circumstances under which a party will be exempted from defaulting on its obligations under the contract.

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