how to spell super

what does super mean?

1a(1): over and above: higher in number, quality, or degree than: greater than superhuman. (2) : extra : extra extra tax. b(1) : above or near normal superheat. (2) : to or to an extreme or excessive degree or superfine intensity. c: Outperforms all or most other superhighways of its kind.

How do you spell dinner?

noun. dinner, often the main meal of the day. any light dinner, especially late in the evening: after-theater dinner.

How do you use Super-Duper in a sentence?

very good: both of them superduper spelling.

superduper adjective (EXCELLENT)

  • i have a new one superduper computer.
  • They put The success of a company depends on their superduper manager.
  • That superduper French railways show many of the shortcomings of the decrepit British system.
  • Super duper is that word?

    superduper in American English

    extremely large, large, impressive, etc.

    What does Supa Dupa mean?

    : the greatest perfection, size, efficiency or impressiveness.

    What does duper mean in English?

    Wiktionary. duper(noun) a person who deceives another.

    What could be more than a superfood?

    Very good or pleasant in quality or standard. great. super. wonderful. Great.

    What is another word for super?

    super Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

    What is another word for super?

    Great fabulous
    incomparable wonderful
    fabulous superlative
    ace wonderful
    brilliant divine

    Which is higher mega or super?

    in that super excellent quality, thinnest while mega (informally) very large.

    What’s another word for better?

    What’s another word for better?

    best leading
    outstanding upper
    dominant greatest
    premium basic
    vertex full

    What is the word for the best of the best?

    Other the words per the best of the best

    aristocracy. beau monde. beautiful people. elite. high society.

    What is the buzzword for fast?

    (Idiomatically) Instantly, very quickly. On this page you can find 93 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions and related words for fastlike: fast, flashing, quicklyhastily, hurrying, hurrying, shooting, quicklyrushes, rushes and rushes.

    What professional word means fast?

    What’s another word for fast?

    fast quickly
    quickly fast
    quickly hastily
    quickly quickly
    fast promptly

    What word can do something quickly?

    Some common synonyms for the word “quick” are “quick”, “quick”. fastfleet, hasty, fast, fast and swift. While all these the words means “moving, advancing or acting with speed”, “speed” implies the speed of successful execution, and can also indicate unusual speed.

    What is another word for smoothly?

    What is another word for smoothly?

    easily easy
    smoothly light
    flippantly fluently
    free deftly
    slightly painlessly

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