How to spell strictly

Is it stricter or stricter?

Jake More strict, the strictest and strict are the correct ways to use the word. The words “stricter” and “more strict” it all depends on how you used them in the sentence.

How do you spell Strik?

Right writing for the English word “streak” is an [stɹˈɪk], [stɹˈɪk], [s_t_ɹ_ˈɪ_k] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What does strict mean?

Strict describes someone who adheres to a certain set of rules. If your math teacher strictThis means that she expects her rules to be followed literally. Adjective strict always It has To make with the rules. Your strict your parents imposed rules and expected you to obey them.

Is there a word “most strict”?

are observed or strictly observed; strict: a strict code of conduct. 3. strictly observe the rules of conduct or morality: strict teacher.

Is being strict good or bad?

However, research in the discipline consistently shows that strictor authoritarian parenting actually produces children with lower self-esteem who behave worse than other children and therefore receive more punishment! Strict parenting actually creates behavioral problems in children.

What do you call a very strict person?

definition of stern someone very serious or strict. 13. 2. conscientious.

How do you spell not strict?

Adjective. Broadly construed or understood, not strictly literal or precise. liberal. flexible.

What word sounds like strict?

severe form, hard and fast, harsh, ruthless, gloomy, demanding, severe, implacable, implacable, implacable, unforgiving, demanding, implacable, strict, fastidious, strict, tough. Antonyms: undemanding, imprecise, tolerant, changeable.

Is incompetence a word?

adjective. No tolerance for everything frivolous or trifling; hard and business: Nothis makes no sense approach to money matters; a Nothis makes no sense teacher with well-mannered classes.

What else can be said about a strict teacher?

What else can be said about a strict teacher?

disciplined authoritarian
sunset teacher
trainer drill sergeant
tough taskmaster hard master
disciplinarian perfectionist

How to describe a strict teacher?

A a strict teacher very hard on students. He/she always insists on meeting deadlines. Such teacher does not like mistakes and negligence on the part of students. A a strict teacher cannot touch the hearts of his disciples, always remains teacher and not become a confidant of students.

What is a hard overseer?

countable noun [usually adjective NOUN] If you call someone tough taskmasteryou mean they expect the people they supervise to work very hard. They are both tough taskmasters, but Steven is much more supportive. Quick word challenge.

What’s another word for disciplinary?

On this page you can find 27 synonymsantonyms, idiomatic expressions and related words for disciplinaryas: teacher, martinet, sergeant, drill sergeant, champion of strict discipline, formalist, overseer, hooligan, supporter, tough master and guardian of discipline.

What is the name of the person who disciplines?

(ˌdɪsɪplɪˈnɛərɪən) n. a Human who imposes or defends discipline.

What is Martinet?

1: Strict disciplinarian. The prison guard was cruel martinet. 2: A person emphasizing a rigid commitment to the details of forms and methods. martinet when holding meetings of the society, he never tolerated any signs of frivolity or indecency – D. D. Burstin.

What is a synonym for cheerful?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for fun. carefree, impudent, dapper, dashing.

Is that a fun word?

in a light and lively manner: as soon as she wished he were here, he suddenly appeared on the stairs and went fun down it.

Cheerful is a real word?

adjective, jaun ti er, jaun ti est.

light and brisk in manner or posture: walking with brisk step. smartly cut like clothes: brisk cap.

What is a sharp corner?

showing that you are happy and confident: a brisk smile / step. When he returned, his hat was lively corner and he smiled. Synonym. unofficial chipper.

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