How to spell smart

How do you spell smart or cleaver?

Clever (“kleh-vur”) is an adjective. He describes someone who reasonable, witty or cunning. In the following story, both words are used correctly: Cleveland easily won a sausage competition due to his dexterity with cleaver and his clever plate arrangement.

What does Cleaver mean?

1: one that specifically splits: a meat tool for cutting animal carcasses into joints or pieces.

How do you spell smart as smart?

one inventivetalented, quick-witted; clever, gifted; smart, expert.

What does smart mean?

1a: skillful or dexterous in the use of hands or body: agile clever fingers. b: mentally quick and resourceful a clever young lawyer. 2 : marked by wit or ingenuity a clever solution a clever play idea clever dialog.

Is there a difference between smart and intelligent?

Main DifferenceClever against Clever

Main difference between smart and clever in that clever means a sense of originality or ingenuity, whereas clever no. Clever also used to describe the appearance of a person.

Is it a compliment when people call you smart?

Clever it could seem complimentbut this adjective boasts a fairly wide range of meanings – from “reasonable‘ and ‘imaginary’ to ‘calculated’ or ‘contrived’.

Why is it better to be athletic than smart?

“In conclusion, very it’s better to be athletic than smart. You can get slimmer than smartyou become popular and then When you grow up, you can become famous and get all the money. Finally, you won’t be teased or even bullied.

How to describe a smart girl?

To make sure this doesn’t happen in your letter, use the following words to describe en clever woman: Perceptive – She has clever problem solving based on her keen perception. Quickness – She has a sharp intellect that helps her to deftly react to situations.

What’s a big word for smart?

What’s another word for smart?



sharp wise brainy brilliant beyond his years quick-witted

What are the synonyms for smart?


  • adept
  • dexterous.
  • anxiety.
  • shrewd.
  • brainy.
  • evasive.
  • cunning.
  • capable.

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