How to spell ricochet

How do you spell ricochet in the past tense?

past tense from ricochet ricochet or ricochet.

What is Ricochet?

A ricochet (/ˈrɪkəʃeɪ/ RIK-ə-shay; French: [ʁikɔʃɛ]) is the rebound, rebound, or rebound from the surface, especially in the case of a projectile. Majority ricochets are caused by chance, and although the deflection force slows the projectile, it can still be energetic and almost as dangerous as it was before the deflection.

What is another word for Ricochet?

What is another word for ricochet?

rebound bounce
retreat boomerang
return reverse effect
reject echo
reflect reflect

What does the word ricochet mean in a sentence?

Definition of ricochet. rebound, bounce or skip the surface. Examples Ricochet in one word. 1. Mike has been warned that the bullets he shoots can ricochet away from your target and hit someone.

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