How to spell Leslie

What does Leslie mean?

That name Leslie it’s a girl title Scottish origin meaning “holly garden”.

How many ways to write the word Leslie?


meaning gray fortress
begin with l
ends E
nicknames Lee Forest
variations Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie

March 4, 2020

Leslie is the name of a boy or a girl?

Leslie is a toponym given title and surname, option Leslie it could be a man or female name and is ultimately an anglicized Scottish (Gaelic) place-name.

Leslie is a gender neutral name?

3. Leslie. Perhaps the most famous Leslie in modern pop culture is a character Leslie Knope, but title actually comes from gender neutral Scottish surname meaning “holly garden”.

How do you say Leslie in French?

Leslie is a biblical name?

Leslie children’s unisex title mostly popular in the Christian religion and its main origin is Gaelic. Leslie name Meanings: From the holy garden, from the gray fortress. People are looking for it title how to pronounce Leslie, Leslie name meaning. Another similar sound names maybe Leslie, Leslie.

What does Leslie mean in the biblical sense?

LESLIE Card Name Female | Names since meaningGod is an well, fear of the Lord.

mmon is the name Leslie?


Leslie (female)
2019 #534 0.031
2018 #521 0.032
2017 #450 0.037
2016 #414 0.042

Leslie is a Scottish name?

Scottish: residential title from a barony in Aberdeenshire, first mentioned c. 1180 in Lesslin form of obscure provenance. Leslie in Fife is said to be named after this place; in some cases surname may come from there.

What nationality is the name Leslie?

From a Scot surname it came from a Scottish place titleprobably derived from the Gaelic leas celyn meaning “holly garden”.

When was the name Leslie most popular?

Records show that 261,707 girls in the United States were named Leslie since 1880. It was given to the greatest number of people title in 1957, when 6,101 people in the US received name Leslie.

What does the name Leslie mean in Hebrew?

LIBNA (לִבְנָה): Hebrew name meaning “whiteness, transparency”. male name Leslie used in Amer.

What does holly garden mean?

The name probably comes from the Gaelic “les cuílinn”. meaningholly garden. ‘ Holly the plant was important to the ancient Celts, which they called the “sun never forgets” plant for its ability to stay green even in winter.

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