How to spell hose

Water hose – is it one word or two?

noun, plural hose per 2, 3; hoses for one, 4, 5; (Archaic) Joson [hoh-zuhn]. a flexible tube for transportation a liquid like waterTo a desired point: garden hose; a Fire hose. (used with a plural verb) garment for the foot and lower leg; stocking or sock.

What does hose mean?

hose noun [C] (A TUBE)

a long, usually plastic or rubber tube that can be bent and used to move water or other substances: fire hose. garden hose.

How do you spell JOSE?

What does it mean to pour water on someone?

have sexual intercourse, especially in casual circumstances. He picked her up on the side of the road, fed her and from a hose her in the bedroom. View more words with the same meaning: relationship, sexual intercourse.

Hose is a word?

noun slang.

an act or occasion of decisive attack or defeat; beating: small investors took hose in the recent fall of the stock market.

Why is it difficult for a firefighter to hold a hose?

When firefighter keeps hose, which ejects a large amount of water at high speed, then it is affected by the reaction force from the side of the ejected water in the opposite direction. This is due to Newton’s third law of motion. Therefore, this difficult to keep it stable until holding v hose.

How is the hosepipe?

When the fireman holds pipe hose then hard to deal with a tube firman, because according to Newton’s third law of motion, the acting water exerts a reaction force on a tube and the fireman’s stability is reduced and it becomes difficult for the fireman to hold hose belonging a tube.

Why does a firefighter need to hold the hose tight?

When firefighter sends a large number water at high speed on fire pipe hoseThey have to Keep v hose pipe strongly because of his tendency to go backwards.

Why does a passenger jumping out of a fast moving bus fall forward face down? b Why is it difficult for a firefighter to deflate a hose that throws out large amounts of water at high speed?

Answer: by inertia motionbody passenger v motion. When passenger jumps out belonging busFeet are bought while relaxing his upper body due to inertia motion moving forward forcing him fall with his face down.

Why is it difficult for a firefighter to hold a class 9 hose?

When pipe hose throws out a large amount of water in the forward direction, it exerts a large reverse reaction force. This backward movement makes him difficult for firefighter hold v pipe hose and firefighter must Keep v pipe hose strongly.

What happens when we jump into a moving bus?

The male jumping from moving bus keeps momentum motion. When a person lands on the ground, the feet stop instantly, and the upper body continues to move by inertia. motion. Therefore, the person may fall forward. So very dangerous Bounce from moving bus.

When a passenger jumps out of a moving train, does he fall?

Answer. This is because when passenger sitting inside train his body has momentum, but when he pops up belonging moving train his lower body suddenly stops, but his upper body still has the momentum of motion making him move ahead and therefore passenger falls.

Why does the passenger rapidly jump out of it if it does not run forward?

When v passenger jumps out fast moving bus/train, his legs will stop by touching the ground while his upper body continues to move forward, due to the inertia of motion. As a result, if he doesn’t run forward, he fall face down.

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