How to spell freely

Is it to lose or lose?

Free” is an adjective used to describe things that are not tight or limited. It can be used as a verb meaning “to free” or “to release” (i.e. the hounds were set free), but it is rarely used in this sense. “Lose” is a verb that means to endure loss, to be deprived, to part, or not to retain possession.

How do you spell “lose” if you’ve lost someone?

How do you use lose and lose in a sentence?

Here are some examples of both words used At the same sentence:

  • Clasp on my necklace free and i worry what i’m going to lose This.
  • His free and imprecise analysis of the text led him to lose exam grades.
  • When you lose heavy weight, your clothes become free.
  • What is the plural of the word to lose?

    Note that the noun is from the verb lose is an a loss (plural losses). It rhymes with boss and bosses.

    Is the word free?

    1. Let in free; release: released the dogs. 2. Make free; cancel: unfastened the belt.

    Is losing the right word?

    Lose /luːz/ is a verb. if you are lose something, you don’t have it anymore, or you can’t find it.

    What word is missing?

    adjective. no longer owns or retains: lost friends. no longer found: lost articles. having gone lost or lost his way; confused about location, direction, etc.: lost children.

    What does it mean to lose?

    give free rein; release: liberated dogs. 2. Make loose; cancel: liberated his belt. 3. Let go; separate: tourists lose their backpacks in the camp.

    What is loss verb?

    lose. (transitive) To cause (something) to cease to be in someone’s possession or ability due to unfortunate or unknown circumstances, events, or causes. Wander off; miss, not to find; go astray.

    How do you spell laughter?


  • lay down – 13.9%
  • lgh – 7.6%
  • lag – 5.3%
  • lag – 3.4%
  • laf – 2.7%
  • Other – 67.05%
  • What part of speech is loose?


    Part of speech: adjective
    Part of speech: adverb
    kinks: freer, freer
    definition 1: v free method (often used in combination). free-fitting clothes antonyms: tight related words: loose, rough
    definition 2: no limits. The dogs were running free in the park. similar words: free

    What does loose girl mean?

    Filters. promiscuity female; prostitute.

    What is the opposite of free?

    Antonym for the word free

    Word. Antonym. Free. Tight. Get a definition and a list of others Antonym and a synonym in English grammar.

    What is a loose structure?

    A free judgment is judgment structure in which the main clause is followed by one or more coordinating or subordinate phrases and sentences. As Felicity Nussbaum points out, a writer can use free sentences to give “an impression of spontaneity and vernacular immediacy” (Autobiographical Theme, 1995).

    What is a free sentence in English?

    I AM. Vague sentences-A sentence grammatically complete at some point (or points) to the end; the opposite of periodic sentence. Vague sentences which consist of too many dependent clauses become strict. An independent clause is followed by one or more dependent clauses or phrases.

    What is the difference between free and recurring offers?

    A free sentence makes sense and will stand apart as sentence even if it was closed before the start of the period. A periodic sentence has a main clause at the end sentence with additional grammatical units added before this main or independent clause.

    What is balanced syntax?

    A balanced A sentence is a sentence that uses parallel structures of approximately the same length and importance.

    What is a balanced writing structure?

    Similar to concurrency, the sentence is considered balanced if its two parts are equal in length, importance, and structure. Two clauses in a sentence are often separated either by a semicolon (;) or by linking words such as “and”, “but”, “or”, etc.

    What is a supply balance example?

    “Every person has the right to say what he thinks is the truth, and every other person has the right to knock him down for it.” This is another very simple and clear example from balanced offer. Both sentences are the same length and word order, emphasizing the idea of ​​truth and adding a nice rhythm.

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