How to spell ferocious

What does the most ferocious mean?

1. a. Hostile and cruel, especially in character or temperament; ferocious: Huns were furious warriors. b. Characterized by or showing hostility: gave us furious Look.

Cruel means brave?

As an adjective, the difference between furious and Brave

is an that ferocious extremely cruel, cruel, ferocious or savage yet brave strong in the face of fear; bold.

What does ferocity mean?

the quality of being strong and powerful: ferocity the storm was unexpected.

What is aggressive behavior?

marked by extreme intensity of emotion or belief; prone to violent reactions; ardent. “furious Loyalty synonyms: tearing, joyful, furious, cruel intense.

What makes a woman cruel?

Existence furious means to stand your ground when things go wrong. A female who furious always striving to improve himself and the world around him. When you ferocious womanyou respect yourself and your limits.

Cruel is a positive word?

Everyone seemed to be thinking about wordfurious‘ as having a negative connotation, when in fact it can be very positive.

Cruel is a negative word?

Sometimes people get it wrong the word ferocious for negative connotation as “mean or scary”. This is a very old definition of this word.

Cruel and cruel – is it the same thing?

As adjectives difference between brash and ferocious

in that bold tenacious, energetic, ardent, while furious is extremely cruel, harsh, ferocious, or wild.

What word sounds like cruel?

Other the words per furious

  • bold.
  • dangerous.
  • ferocious.
  • passionate.
  • raging.
  • wild.
  • stormy.
  • passionate.

What is the opposite of cruelty?

What is the opposite of cruelty?

gentle benign
gentle calm
tame soft-hearted
not threatening benevolent
calmness great

Fierce is an emotion?

Furious feelings or actions are very intense or enthusiastic, or involve great activity.

What does untamed mean?

: not made less wild or less controllable : not tamed wild animals wild desert wild hair.

Indomitable bl?

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