How to spell exquisite

What does exquisite mean?

adjective. a special beauty or charm, or a rare and attractive perfection, like a face, flower, colour, music or poetry. extraordinarily beautiful or wonderful; completed: exquisite Weather. intensive; sharp or pungent, like pleasure or pain.

Is elegance a compliment?


We use exquisite in many ways, but in the context of a romantic compliments, exquisite can mean extremely handsome or handsome. exquisite implies that every detail of the person you are talking about is beautiful.

What does exquisitely beautiful mean?

exquisitely beautiful It simply means that something is very beautifulit can also means that someone or something has an unusual, special, or outstanding beauty. (adj.) exquisite means: possessing the qualities of extraordinary delicacy and fine craftsmanship.

What’s another word for exquisite?

Some common synonyms from exquisite choice, delicacy, gentleelegant and rare.

What is another word for beauty?

What is another word for beauty?

attractiveness prettiness prettiness charm grace charm attractiveness elegance magnificence

What is the opposite of sophisticated?

Antonyms: ugly, durable, inelegant, bland. Synonyms: refined, sharp, refined. exquisite, exquisite(adj.)

What are two synonyms for the word exquisite?

other words for exquisite

  • charming.
  • irreproachable.
  • ideally.
  • polished.
  • accurate.
  • rare.
  • fabulous.
  • startling.

What funds to buy?

transitive verb. 1 : get as one’s own: a : take possession or control often unidentified funds to acquire Real Estate Team acquired three new players this year.

What part of speech is refined?


Part of speech: related adjectives: aesthetic, beautiful, gentlebeautiful, superlatives Word combinationsSubscriber feature About this feature

Part of speech: noun definition: one who is overly preoccupied or picky about appearance, taste, or manners. similar words: dandy, dude

How many syllables are in exquisite?

I wonder why exquisite it’s 3 syllables? To contact us!

What delicate means?

fragile; easily damaged; fragile: gentle porcelain; a gentle child. so thin that it is barely noticeable; thin: a gentle taste. soft or weak like color: gentle shade of pink.

What does detrimental mean?

English learners Definition from flawed

: the presence of an error, flaw, or weakness.

What are examples of character flaws?

This flaw which evokes otherwise noble or exceptional character lead to their own downfall and, often, their eventual death. Examples this may include arrogance, misplaced trust, excessive curiosity, pride, and lack of self-control. ‘

Are disadvantages good or bad?

Flaws connect us to others and allow empathy and compassion. It is undeniably true that all people have shortcomings. Nobody’s perfect. Each flaw it is an opportunity to feel our connection to humanity, something that we share with every other person on the planet.

Who is a bad person?

Nobody is perfect, that’s why everyone defective somehow, but when that word describes Human it often means “weak character”. Shakespeare flawed the hero has some flaw or flaw that will eventually lead to his downfall: in other words, a “fatal flaw”. defective comes from flaw, originally “snowflake”, later “sliver”,

What are disadvantages?

noun. a trait that darkens the perfection of something; defect; fault: beauty without flaw; v limitations in our plan. defect that violates legal validity or validity. break, break, breach or lease.

What flaws make you attractive?

6 Flaws That Do anyone More attractive

  • you get gets carried away with things easily. © The Late Show with Stephen Colbert / CBS Television Distribution.
  • You tend to over-share things.
  • You depend on the support of the people you for your purposes.
  • You I love to gossip.
  • You stand up for yourself in a way that some might consider rude or mean.
  • You do everything slowly.

Is imperfection more attractive?

When imperfection perceived, the self sees an opportunity for growth, and an idealized perfectionist state adapted to the individual is projected. That attractive nature more due to the connection at the level of oneself with another imperfect Human.

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