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Is Dennis a boy or girl name?

Dennis how boy name pronounced DEN-iss. It is of Greek and English origin and means Dennis “Follower of Dionysius” Mythology: Dionysius is the Greek god of wine.

What does the word Denis mean?

Name Dennis primarily a male name of English origin, which means A worshiper of Dionysus. It comes from the Greek name Dionysius.

Dennis is a black name?

Distribution by race and Hispanic origin of people with name DENNIS 82.0% White, 3.5% Hispanic, 10.7% Black1.8% Asian or Pacific Islander, 1.4% of two or more races, and 0.6% American Indian or Alaska Native.

What does Dennis mean in Latin?

English: from the medieval personal name Den(n)is (Latin Dionysius, Greek Dionysios ‘(follower of) Dionysus’, an oriental god introduced relatively late into the classical pantheon and bearing a name probably of Semitic origin).

What is Dennis’ nickname?

Alternative forms and spellings title include Denis, Denis, Dennis, Denish, Deon, Deonn, Deonte and Dion, Dionysus. Diminutives include Den, Dennoh, Deno, Denny, Deny, and Deen.

How popular is the name Denis?

Records show that 613,769 boys in the United States were named Dennis since 1880. It was given to the greatest number of people title in 1952, when 24,525 people in the US received name Dennis. These people are now 68 years old.

What does the name Denis mean in Hebrew?

That meaning belonging titleDennisis: “God of wine; Mount Zeus; Wild, mad.”

When was the name Dennis first used?

That first entry title in 1272 was considered Walter Denis. Over centuries surname designed with DENNIS being an option. Other variants are English DENCH and Irish DONOHUE or MACDONOUGH. Donnchadh was an anglicized version of Donough or Denis.

What does the name Donna mean?

Donna is the first feminine in English meaning of the name “woman” in Italian. Original meaning closer to “mistress of the house” and was an honorary title in Italy, equivalent to Don for men.

Donna is a good name?

Donna Origin and meaning

Literally means “lady” in Italian, Donna was the perfect housewife mom title on the Donna The Reid Show in the Fifties and Sixties. And there were many namesakes: Donna ranked in the top ten in 1964. In 1960 Donna was the fifth most popular title In the United States.

Donna is a biblical name?

Donna girl title mostly popular in the Christian religion and its main origin is Italian. Donna name meanings come from Madonna.

Donna is an Irish name?

MEANING: This title comes from the Scottish Gaelic private title “Domnall and Domnall”, which means “ruler of the world, king of the world”.

What’s your name in Irish?

Transfer to Irish Language

What Your name? = Ciaran is ainm dom.

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