How to spell defense

Which is correct Protection or Defense?

Protection and protection both right ways of writing the same word. The difference between the two, the fact that one is spelled with an “s” and the other with an “s”, comes down to the part of the world in which they are used. In the United States, people write it with an “s” –protection.

How do the British pronounce defense in English?

Protection and protection different spellings of the same word; but are in different forms. English language. Protection used in American Englishand protection used in British Englishwhich covers Australia and Canada English.

How do you spell Defense in Australia?

Protection this is the standard spelling in Australian English. Protection this is the standard writing in American English.

Do Canadians say “protection” or “protection”?

V Canadapreferred spelling protection and not protection.

Does Canada use British or American spelling?

While the United States uses English-French writing defense and offense (noun), majority Canadians use v British spelling defense and attack.

Is Defenseless right?

adjective. Without protection or protection; completely vulnerable. ‘He played right into my vulnerability defenseless trap for beginners.

How do you spell defenseless in the UK?

British English: protection

Right writing this noun in British English always means “protection”: Blackburn Rovers’ defense collapsed after the break. The same applies to several words derived from the word “protection”, including “protection”.defenseless“and” defenseless.

What is another word for defenseless?

Defenseless Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is an another word for defenseless?

unprotected unprotected
vulnerable unguarded
helpless unprotected
unstable unarmed
open susceptible

What does Defenseless mean?

/dɪˈfens.ləs/ Defenseless people, animals, places or things are weak and unable to defend themselves against attack: small defenseless child. a defenseless town. They were defenseless against enemy bombs.

What does strategist mean?

A strategist is the person responsible for developing and implementing the strategy. The strategy usually includes setting goals, identifying actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to carry out the actions.

America apologized or the British?

Apologize this is the standard American English writing. Apologize this is the standard British English writing.

What does carnelian mean?

poisonous Add to Share list. Meansnasty and caustic, like the most terrible acid, poisonous words can hurt feelings, break a heart, and even lead to violence. vitriol adjective related to noun vitriol – which the means metal sulfate.

Can people be snarky?

If you are describing someone’s language or behavior poisonous, you do not approve of him, because he is full of bitterness and hatred and therefore causes much suffering and pain. Was vicious and poisonous attacked him in one of the Sunday papers two weeks ago.

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