How to spell clientele

Last updated: June 4, 2021 | Author: Mark Dent

How to say clientele in English?


  • client – 9.9%
  • clientele 3.3%
  • clientele – 2.2%
  • clientele – 1.4%
  • Other – 83.29%
  • What is the difference between client and clientele?

    When used as nouns customer means a customer, buyer or recipient of goods or services, whereas clientele means a group or class of people who frequent establishments or purchase services, especially if they are regarded as forming a more or less homogeneous group clients in terms of values ​​or habits.

    What does clientele mean to you?

    v clients or customers, as a professional person or shop, considered in the aggregate; group or collection clients: This jewelry store has a rich clientele. dependents or followers.

    What does the word clientele mean?

    : body clients store specializing in exclusive clientele.

    How can you attract clients?

    7 Great Ways to Get New Clients

  • Define your ideal Customer. easier to search clients if you know the type consumers you are sick.
  • Find out where your Customer life.
  • Know your business inside and out.
  • Position yourself as the answer.
  • Try direct response marketing.
  • Develop partnerships.
  • Follow up.
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