How to spell broken

How do you spell “broken” in money?

Informal. Having little or no Money or wealth: beggar, destitute, beggar, penniless, impoverished, needy, needy, needy, penniless, beggar, poor, beggar.

What does broken mean?

Definition broken has little or no money. An example of who broken is bankrupt. (informal) Lack of money; bankrupt.

How to say “break” in English?

adjective. without money; penniless. bankrupt.

Broken means broken?

one. Broken past tense break.

Are you a broken person?

Broken people are the ones who end up beating their spouses, being abusive, becoming a serial cheater, or even raping others. These are people who have big problems that hurt other people. Broken people are not happy people, deep inside. But they may not even realize that the reason they are always alone is because of themselves.

What can I say instead of broke?


  • bankrupt.
  • destitute.
  • insolvent.
  • penniless.
  • bust.
  • impoverished.
  • destroyed.
  • attached.

How do you say that I’m broken?

What is the lack of money called?

1. The poor, the have-nots, the beggars, the penniless are among those who lack Money.

How to tell a girl that I broke her?

When you need to tell your date youre you are low on funds but it doesn’t become a thing, take these four tips into account.

  • Use humor. Almost any embarrassing situation is easier to handle if you show it a sense of humor.
  • Suggest an alternative plan.
  • Don’t be ashamed.
  • Focus on the positives.
  • Can I date aground?

    Meet while broke puts things in perspective. The only thing you really need to be happy is food, shelter, water, and love. If you have these four things, you should consider yourself ready to go. At least being broken lets you know how much you have, even if it’s not much.

    Can you date when you’re broke?

    From eating in expensive restaurants to buying new clothes for every outing, date maybe be expensive. You you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a great date, although. Even with a little creativity If youyou broken, you can still enjoy some really fun dates without spending a lot of money.

    What is a broken person?

    A broken man Lack of purpose and motivation. A Human one who does not earn does not have a goal and motivation to achieve their goals. A Human the one who works has the drive and the passion that broken man has because he doesn’t understand the pride that comes with getting a paycheck. dating relationship.

    Why can’t you date a poor woman?

    Dating a broke girl it’s a risk no guy really wants to take. One from reasons why you shouldn’t date a poor girl it’s the fact that They ungrateful. WITH they are not know how hard it is to make money, They always ungrateful. Anytime you buy them gifts or give them money, They be reluctant to say thank you you.

    Is it good to avoid girls?

    Think she’s trying to avoid relationship.

    You may find that you have feelings for a person who, for some reason, is not interested in a relationship. If she to avoid relationship for the moment, you may have to back off for the moment, but not necessarily forever.

    Should you date a man with financial problems?

    It’s hard to talk about money problems with a person youyou meetbut it does not mean you should avoid them. If youIf you’re in a long-term, committed relationship, it’s best to be honest about your situation, whether it’s great, terrible, or somewhere in between.

    Should a relationship be 50/50 financially?

    Separation of accounts 50/50 with your spouse or partner is very common. As a rule, simply agreeing to share 50/50 will ease the headache of finding another method. 50/50 works great when both partners have the same income and share resources equally. Your husband may eat more food and your wife may drink more water.

    Can money destroy relationships?

    Many couples break up because Money-related questions, which means that it is better to solve them head-on at the beginning attitude. Money can destroy romance and partnerships – but this is not necessary! As long as both sides are mature and ready to work together, many issues can be resolved.

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