How to spell beginning

How is the beginning written?

Please note that the correct writing is an Start: it has a double “n” and only one “g”: ✗ In the beginning, wood was the main source of energy.

How do you spell stari?

adjective, star ri er, star ri est.

  • replete with stars: a star night.
  • pertaining to or coming from the stars.
  • nature or consisting of stars: star worlds.
  • resembling a star; stellate or star-shaped.
  • shine like stars: star reflections on dark water.
  • What is a verb to start?

    verb (used with an object), start, start, start. proceed with the first or earliest part (of an action): Start off work tomorrow. arise; be the initiator: public figures who started the reform movement.

    What is another word for beginning?

    What is another word to start?

    start start start start dawn start opening break chance start

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