How to reset the user interface in wow

How to reset the user interface?

That’s how reload WOW user interface

  • Set Windows to show hidden files and folders.
  • Jump to C:Users%Username%AppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram FilesWorld of Warcraft.
  • Delete the cache Interfaceand WTF folders > close Explorer > reload system.
  • Start WoW again.
  • How to reset user interface settings in World of Warcraft?

    V v On the Blizzard desktop app, click Options and select Show in Explorer (Windows®) or Show in Finder (Mac®). open world of warcraft® folder. Rename v Cache, Interface and WTF folders in CacheOld, InterfaceOld and WTFold. Restart World of Warcraft So v changes may take effect.

    How to reload the interface?

    Reboot The interface saves the current settings to disk and updates any add-on files previously loaded by the game. To download new files (or add-ons), you must restart the game. You can also use /reload slash; or console equivalent: /console ReloadUI .

    How to clear the interface?

    Ctrl+Z to hide interface on Windows and Command + Z to hide interface on Mac. To take a screenshot, most of the replies said to use Print Screen or Command + Shift + 3, but I have a better option! Open the scissors tool!

    How to hide the user interface in Black Desert?

    Where are screenshots of the black desert saved?

    Screenshot Location

    Click “Documents” in the left panel (usually in the “Quick Access” section). Folder Black Desert (can be called BDO , black desert Online or something similar) Finally, go to Screenshot folderand yours screenshots will be there!

    How to take a screenshot in Black Desert online?

    Grain and Vignette: Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow, Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow. Slow Motion: W. Take A Screenshot: pr. tech.

    How to pose in the black desert?

    When you hit enter to open the chat panel, click on the little square with the letter “S” on it. This should open a panel with all the emotes you have unlocked while playing. Lest your tamer not posei think you can install poses / emotes on the panel to not activate when certain words are typed.

    Is there a camera mode in BDO?

    Unlike most games BDO has not only a basic screenshot function (press the “Print Screen” button), but also a full-fledged “photo mode“, which allows you to change the perspective, camera height and angle and even viewing distance and focus for the image.

    How can I watch in BDO?

    To activate this mode, simply sit or lean against a wall and press “R”. This will leave your character behind so you can explore it with the in-game camera. Unfortunately, there are not many options in this mode. You are limited to a relatively small area, but you can use this to take some amazing screenshots.

    How to use BDO camera mode?

  • Shift + up/down arrow keys. Camera zoom in/out.
  • Shift+Left/Right. Camera incline.
  • Ctrl+Down/Up. Depth field strength must be enabled first through the screen parameter.
  • Ctrl+Left/Right. Depth of field area.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Left. look at camera switch.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Right. Vignette.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Down/Up.
  • U.
  • How to change camera in BDO?

    As many may know… or not know, you may change your camera zoom and position by holding the right stick for about 5 seconds. This puts it on Zoom/Camera setup mode. Right stick forward/back is Zoom.

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