How to remove footnotes in word

TO Delete a footnote or note, you must Delete the note label in the document window, not the note text. In the document, select the note checkmark you want Deleteand then click DELETE .

Hiding footnotes or endnotes in Word document is possible, but requires a little trick. In short, the usual workaround is to change footnote/endnote styles (i.e. styles ‘Footnote Text” and “Endnote Text”) to “Hidden‘ in the style settings, select ‘Font’, then Hidden Text.

Get rid of Hyperlinks v Footnotes

  • Put the insertion pointer in the body footnote. (no matter what footnote.)
  • Press Ctrl+A. This selects all footnotes.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+F9. It will transform hyperlinks in selected text (button footnotes) to plain text.
  • Double click the heading or footer area (upper or lower page) to open the header & footer tab Select “Link to Previous” to disable links between sections. Choose a title or footer and do one from the following: Select Delete title or Delete footer at the bottom of the menu.

    How to remove header and footer from first page?

    Double click header or footer area to make it active. This also activates header & footer Tools section on the Word ribbon. On the “Design” tab of this section, select “Other First page” checkbox. This action removes Header and footer from first page.

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