How to pronounce yolk

The letter L is silent in the yolk?

This was later added to the spelling to make it more similar to the Latin root (salmo, where “l‘ is pronounced), but the pronunciation has not changed. However, ‘l‘ v ‘yolk‘ it’s the same quietunless it refers to some American dialects that I have never heard.

Is the yolk or yoke pronounced?

Q: Most of us have been taught that the yellow part of the egg pronounced how “yoke“, is written”yolk“. But a recent AP story called it “yoke“many times. And Webster’s complete lists.”yoke‘ as a spelling.

Do people say the letter “l” in the word “yolk”?

1 answer. It is called “l– vocalization. Check out the Wikipedia article on the subject. In my speech I pronounce both words without /l/, i.e. I speak folks as if it were “foque” and yolk the same for me pronunciation as yoke.

How do the British pronounce yolk?

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