How to pronounce tsatska

Last updated: May 31, 2021 | Author: Mark Dent

How do you pronounce the word tsatska?

Where did the word tsatska come from?

Although many such the words of unknown origin, we know that tsatska comes from Yiddish tsatske of the same meaning and ultimately from the now obsolete Polish wordcup. tsochke quite popular word nowadays, but it was not used in English until the 1970s.

What is tsatski definition?

: bauble, bauble Carlin furniture was flashy and awful and every shelf or corner trinkets as well as trinkets and other trinkets.

What is the plural of tchotchke?

bauble (plural)

How do you say cute in Yiddish?

Pempik is something small, unimportant, and perhaps cute. Yiddish uses this word for brat. There is a feeling Yiddish the word almost says what it means—it could almost be understood by the way it sounds. Etymology: the word goes back to the Polish pępek – “navel”.

tchotchke is an english word?

Though bauble borrowed from Yiddish term tshatschke, it comes from obsolete Polish word a cup that had the same meaning. Similar terms have been found in several European languages. But today bauble primarily an American word. It was first recorded in English in the 1960s.

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