How to pronounce toblerone

How to pronounce Toblerone in Switzerland?

How to pronounce chocolate bar Toblerone

Answer: tob-ler-own-ay

Interesting information: pronunciation varies from place to place. Toblerone is a purse from Tobler (the name of the founder) and “torrone”, the Italian word for “nougat”. If you call the company, they pronounce toblerone with four syllables, so it should be considered official.

What does Toblerone mean in Swiss?

His name is an play on words

Chocolate was invented by Theodor Tobler. Toblerone comes from his last name plus “torrone”, the Italian word for a variety of nougat.

What does the word Toblerone mean?

4) Name Toblerone this is a game for the words“Tobler” is Theodore’s surname, while “Torrone” is Italian. word for honey and almond nougat.

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