How to pronounce simp

How do we pronounce simp?

What does simple mean?

Simp it Internet slang term for someone who shows excessive sympathy and consideration for another person, sometimes in pursuit of a sexual relationship. Urban dictionary defines fool as “one who does too much for the person they like.”

Symp is a bad word?

One dictionary notes that word comes from the word “simple man” and is defined as “a man who, for no reason, attaches too much importance to a woman.” Another dictionary definition is considering word as a slang insult that is used “of men who are considered too considerate and submissive towards women, especially because of the unfulfilled hope for

How old is the word simply?

Evolution Fool

The dictionary lists its first known use as 1946, although it appeared in The New York Times as early as 1923. The most recent entry in the dictionary is for the 2000 novel Once Upon a Time by British author Diran Adebayo. where “fool” appears twice on the first 20 pages.

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