How to pronounce shy

How can I say shy?

What does shy mean?

1: easily frightened: timid. 2: Tends to avoid publicity of a person or thing shy. 3: hesitation in making commitments: prudence. 4: sensitively shy or retiring: also reserved: expressing such a state or character shy smile.

Is H silent in huge?

When people do this, they don’t just casually or lazily lower their sound. This “hour“-falling out occurs in a certain environment – only in words beginning with “huh”. If they throw it in hugethey also throw him into humor, wet, humiliation, huge and Hugh.

The letter T is definitely silent?

In practice yes, in practice quiet if someone does not make much effort to pronounce it. When we have a group of consonants here /ktl/, one sound is often not heard. The linguistic term for this is “dissimilation”.

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