How to pronounce shibboleth

Where is the shibboleth in the bible?

That bible The Book of Judges (12:4-6) tells the story of the Ephraimites, who, after being defeated by the army of the Gileadites, attempted to retreat by sneaking across the ford of the Jordan River held by their enemy. The Galaadites, fearful of this trick, asked every soldier who tried to cross the river if he was an Ephraimite.

What does shibboleth mean?

A shibboleth is a kind of linguistic password: a way of speaking (pronunciation or use of a particular expression) that is an used by one set of people to identify another person as a member or not a member of a particular group.

Who couldn’t pronounce the word shibboleth correctly?

Vessels whose crew could not say it right soldiers usually robbed who couldn’t were beheaded by Donia himself.

What is an example of a shibboleth?

Definition shibboleth password or test phrase. An shibboleth example is a phrase used by a guest to enter a Masonic club. Any test word or password.

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