How to pronounce service

How to pronounce survival

How to pronounce servile

Is it spoken or pronounced?

Regular verb in English pronounceNo pronounce. Eloquent and well educated, fluent in English, who used pronounce as a verb, one might assume that he is joking.

What is slave status?

1: belonging to or corresponding to a low position. 2: mean or cowardly submissive: despicable.

What does it mean to curl up?

English learners Definition from cringe

: to feel disgusted or embarrassed and often show this feeling with a movement of the face or body. : to make a sudden movement for fear of being struck or injured.

What is a servile person?

Slaveservant, obsequious, servile characterize someone who behaves like a slave or subordinate. Slave implies servility, sycophancy and humiliated submission: slave answers on questions.

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