How to pronounce regret

Last updated: June 5, 2021 | Author: Mark Dent

What is the meaning of regret?

1: sadness or frustration, especially caused by something out of the person’s control. I remember my harsh words with great pleasure. regret. 2: An expression of sadness or disappointment. 3 regrets plural: a note politely refusing to accept an invitation I send regrets.

How to say regret in English?

Expression regret in English

  • I wish / If only + Past perfect tense. I wish I could come to your party! I wish I could work more. If only I hadn’t eaten so much.
  • I should have (not) + past participle. I should have come to your party. I should have worked harder.
  • I am regret +Noun/V-ing. I am regret won’t come to your party. I am regret without working harder.
  • The letter T is definitely silent?

    In practice yes, in practice quiet if someone does not make much effort to pronounce it. When we have a group of consonants here /ktl/, one sound is often not heard. The linguistic term for this is “dissimilation”.

    Why is the letter L in the almond word silent?

    A: “l” v “almond” was quiet until very recently. It’s interesting that “ldid not appear in the first syllable of amandola, a medieval Latin word from which “almondwas obtained, either in the earlier Latin amygdala, or in the still earlier Greek amygdala.

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