How to pronounce pig

What does pork mean?

: pertaining to or suggesting pigs : swine-like.

How to pronounce pig

What is a swine pig?

Adjective pork is a scientific term for pigsbut it is also useful for describing something or someone that resembles pig. A large man with a shiny face may appear. pork you, as well as a group of hungry children who push and push each other to get their hands on a plate of cakes.

How to pronounce swine parvovirus

Can dogs get parvovirus from pigs?

Fortunately, each virus is specific, at least for the most part, to what kind of animal it is intended for. maybe to infect (ie. porcine parvovirus does not infect humans canine parvovirus won’t infect pigs etc.)


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June 4, 2016

How to treat porcine parvovirus?

There is no treatment per porcine parvovirus.

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