How to pronounce phuket

How do Thais pronounce Phuket?

While English speakers often pronounce “F” in words as the sound “F”, Thais usually pronounce words beginning with “Ph” with a stressed sound “P”, which means that Phuket in fact pronounced “Pu-ket” or “Pu-get.”

How to actually pronounce Thailand?

Thailand is an pronounced phonetically. It’s “Thailand”, not “Thailand”. ‘”

What is Phuket in English?

Phuket in British English

(ˌpuːˈkɛt) 1. island and province of South Thailand in the Andaman Sea: predominantly flat; was badly damaged by the Indian Ocean tsunami in December 2004. Area: 534 sq. km (206 sq mi)

How to pronounce Phi Phi Island

Phi Phipronounced like “wee-wee”. (Which is ironic, since a sewer system running under load means Island often smells like Ko Pu Pu.)

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