How to pronounce phnom penh

The letter P in Phnom Penh is silent?

name Stump – Dropping ‘P‘ from Phnom Penh identifies you as having been in Cambodia about a month, long enough to think it over and get it wrong, which is probably not the image they’re trying to create. In romanized Khmer, “ph” is not pronounced like “f” nor quiet. Pronounced like “P.

Ways to say Phnom

How to pronounce the capital of Cambodia?

Phnom Penh is capital from Cambodiaas well as the largest in the country town. It is likely that in your travels you will pass through this node. v south, and therefore it is important that you pronounce it’s right when you make your way there. Phnom Penh pronounced pa-NOM handle.

Is Phnom Penh dangerous?

Phnom Penh this is not true dangerous as people imagine, but it is important to take care. Sometimes there are armed robberies, but according to statistics, you will be very unlucky to become a victim.

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