How to pronounce others

How do you pronounce the word “other”?

How do you say different in British?

In the standard British In English, /r/ is only pronounced before vocals. In general American English, /r/ is usually pronounced in all positions. Thus, speakers of a non-rhotic accent pronounceOther thing’ without /r/: /ə’nʌ. ðə.

What words can be pronounced in two different ways?

Words with more than one correct pronunciation

Word Pronunciations
caramel There are speakers in the US who use both pronunciations interchangeably.
cauliflower 1. “COLL-ih-flower” – “i” sounds like “ih” in the word “bit”.
2. “COLL-ee-flower” – “i” sounds like “ee” in the word “bee”.

January 1, 2016

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