How to pronounce mother

How do the English say “mother”?

How do you say “Mommy”?

How to say mom in phonetics?


  • [ˈmʌðɚ] IPA.
  • /mUHTH-uhr/ phonetic writing.
  • [ˈmʌðə] IPA.
  • /mUHTH-uh/ phonetic writing.
  • Are both pronounced Bolt?

    Benjamin from Seattle, Washington, was surprised when someone pointed out his non-standard. pronunciation the words both as bolt. About 10 percent of respondents to our online survey said they pronounce word both with an L sound in it.

    Why do people pronounce both as Bolth?

    If someone pronounces all their codes /l/ so that the words how bowl, hal and mail pronounced bow like, and maw, they might try to change theirs pronunciation to sound more standard, so they start putting in all those /l/ again. both > bolt.

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