How to pronounce lichen sclerosus

How to pronounce lichen sclerosis

Lichen sclerosus (LIE-kun skluh-ROW-sus) is a rare condition that causes mottled white patches on the skin that appear thinner than usual.

What is the best treatment for lichen sclerosus?

How lichen sclerosus processed?

  • Steroid injections. They are more likely to be used if an ointment with an organic compound does not work.
  • Tricyclic antidepressants in low doses. This may relieve vulvar pain.
  • other medicines. They can be used if others treatment failed.
  • ultraviolet light treatment.

Is lichen sclerosus an autoimmune disease?

Cases when lichen sclerosus appears on the skin after it has been damaged (as a result of injury or trauma). Recent studies show that the most likely cause lichen sclerosus is an autoimmune reactions in genetically predisposed individuals.

What does vulvar lichen sclerosus look like?

In areas away from sexual organs leather, lichen sclerosus looks like small, slightly raised ivory patches that may coalesce to form white patches. After some time, the surface of the spots may looks like white wrinkled tissue paper.

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