How to pronounce koch

How to pronounce Cochise

What does Cochise mean?

Cochise (/koʊˈtʃiːs/; in Apache: Shi-ka-She or A-da-tli-chi – “having the quality or strength of oak”; after the whites called it “Cochise“The Apaches adopted it as K’uu-ch’ish or Chase ‘oak’; v.

How to pronounce Ethan

See Ethan (biblical character). It can also be written or pronounced like Ethan, Eitan or Eitan.

Ethan (given name)

Pronunciation /ˈiːθən/
Floor Male
Languages) Hebrew, English, French
A source
Languages) Hebrew English French

How to pronounce?

Does anyone know if there are rules governing pronunciation from “a”? It is either “AYE” or “UH”, depending on the word that follows it.

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