How to pronounce jejune

What does jejune mean?

adjective. without interest or significance; blunt; tasteless: a skinny Novel. minor; immature; child: skinny behavior. lack of knowledge or experience; uninformed: skinny trying to design a house. with a lack or lack of nutritional value: a skinny diet.

How to pronounce jejune in French?

How to pronounce Shi

shea is not pronounced like “shi”, this is an alternative -i sound, very similar to the vowels zi, ci, si that you learned earlier. To do shea sound, try pronounce English word for “shirt”, but STOP as soon as you get to the “r” sound.

Is it spoken or pronounced?

Regular verb in English pronounceNo pronounce. Eloquent and well educated, fluent in English, who used pronounce as a verb, one might assume that he is joking.

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