How to pronounce institute

What does institution mean?

1: act of establishment. 2: a significant practice, relationship or organization in a society or culture, institution marriage. 3: an established organization or corporation, especially of a public nature, in particular: a facility for the treatment or education of persons with mental disabilities.

How do you say institutions?

How to pronounce?

Does anyone know if there are rules governing pronunciation from “a”? It is either “AYE” or “UH”, depending on the word that follows it.

Is it pronounced Nike or Nike?

Nike‘ is an pronouncedNickyconfirms the chairman of the sports giant.

D is silent on Wednesday?

Most Americans don’t pronounce G v Wednesday. As it turns out, Wednesday actually has a Germanic language origin. It comes from the Old English word Wōdnesdæg, which honors the Germanic god Wodan.

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