How to pronounce indicate

Why is the indictment pronounced that way?

Why are we accuse \in-DYTE\? We pronounce it is \in-DYTE\ because its original spelling in English was endite, a spelling that had been in use for 300 years before scholars decided to make it more like its Latin root word, indictare. Our pronunciation still reflects the original English spelling.

What does accusation mean?

Definition from “accusation

An indictment when a person is formally accused and charged with the commission of a crime. Although there are other ways to accuse a person of a crime, indictment used in the United States for formal blame persons, especially in cases of federal crimes.

How to pronounce Indict

Word indict is not pronounced how to spell (big shock in English, right?). Seems like it should be pronounced in-dict but it pronounced in-child.

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