How to pronounce Hughes

How to pronounce Hughes

  • Phonetic spelling Hughes. hy-OO-z. xeos. Hugh Es.
  • Synonyms for Hughes. balloonist. pilot. author.
  • Examples in the offer. About Pirates: Jared Hughes becomes a move. Albert Hughes The Fugitive remake will be directed by Warner Bros.
  • Translations Hughes. Russian : Hughes Japanese : ヒューズ
  • How to pronounce Ted Hughes

    How to pronounce huge?

    Perhaps this is the only thing Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have in common: they pronounce huge like “yuge”.

    How to pronounce Sullivan

  • Phonetic spelling Sullivan. sul-e-woo n. SAH-Likh-WahN.
  • Synonyms for Sullivan. Arthur Seymour Sullivan. Sir Arthur Sullivan.
  • Examples in the offer. Penguin Notes: Mike Sullivan pleased with the depth, Jason Zucker takes 2nd place.
  • Translations Sullivan. Arabic: سوليفان
  • What does Sullivan mean in Irish?

    General Sullivan surname means “falcon” or “dark-eyed”, derived from Irish suildhubhán, from suil, meaning “eye” and dubh, meaning black. Sullivan 92nd most common surname in the US and third most common surname in Ireland.

    What does the name Sullivan mean?

    Sullivan like a boy title pronounced SIL-ih-wun. He is of Gaelic origin and meaning from Sullivan these are dark eyes.

    Sullivan is a rare name?

    Sullivan had relatively rare history as a given title dates back to the 19th century in America; However title quickly fell off the charts in the 20th century. It remained unused for over 100 years before being revived in the 21st century in 2002.

    What is Sullivan’s nickname?

    That name Sullivan This is a boy title of Irish origin, meaning “black-eyed”. He was immortalized in a classic film from the 1930s. Sullivan Travels and was chosen for one of Patrick Dempsey’s twin boys. Nickname Sally is just as funny.

    Sullivan is the name of a girl or a boy?

    That name Sullivan it girl name of Irish origin meaning “dark eyes”.

    How old is the Sullivan name?

    Surname Sullivan was first discovered on the territory of Cairo in the county of Tipperary (Irl. Thiobraid Árann), founded in the 13th century in south-central Ireland, in the province of Munster.

    Sullivan is a biblical name?

    Sullivan children’s unisex title mostly popular in the Christian religion and its main origin is Gaelic. Sullivan name Meanings Having dark eyes.

    Sally is an Irish name?

    That Sally’s name It has CelticGaelic origin and is used mainly in English-speaking countries, as well as in some other countries and languages ​​of the world.

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