How to pronounce fire

Is the letter H silent in human?

HOUR is an quiet in many English words for various reasons. Not all such words that came into English from French still have quiet h, anyway. Through the ages we have come to pronounce hour words such as horror, hospital, master, Humanand humor.

How to pronounce fire

Word ‘fi‘, for all intents and purposes, is pronounced e-eye.

How do you say fire in Old English?

From the middle English fiery, from Old English fȳr (“Fire”), from Proto-West Germanic *fuir, from *fuïr, the regular form of Proto-Germanic *fōr (“Fire”) (compare Saterland Frisian Fjuur, West Frisian fjoer, Dutch vuur, Low German Füer, German Feuer, Danish fyr), ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *péh₂wr̥.

Is the white letter H silent?

In my region, we don’t say hwite. instead of this “hour” fully quiet. We say “wite” and the “w” is exactly the same as the “w” sound in the word “wife”. However, I have heard quite a few people (perhaps they were from the southeastern United States) who pronounce the sound “wh” as if it were spelled “hw”.

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