How to pronounce epidemic

What does pestilence mean?

1: contagious or infectious-epidemic disease that is an especially virulent and destructive: bubonic plague. 2: what is an destructive or pernicious I’ll pour it pestilence in his ear – William Shakespeare.

How to say sea in a sentence?

That pestilence was terribly harsh. A plague struck the city, and when he was transferred to Accaron, pestilence followed him. The nature of this pestilence causes a lot of controversy, and some doubt that this is really plague.

How to pronounce jacques

How do you say this word is dangerous?

What does truculent mean in English?

Ferocious derived from “truculentus”, a form of the Latin adjective trux, meaning “wild.” It was used in English from the 16th century to describe people or things that are cruel and ferocious, such as tyrannical leaders or wars, and also came to means “deadly or destructive” (as in ” ferocious disease”).

What does danger mean?

1 : exposure to risk of being injured, destroyed or lost : fire hazard put the city in danger. 2: something that endangers or threatens: reduces the risk danger streets. danger. verb. per il | \ˈper-əl, ˈpe-rəl\

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