How to pronounce eclectic

What does eclectic mean?

1: consists of elements taken from various sources, as well as: heterogeneous. 2: The choice of what seems best in various doctrines, practices or styles. eclectic.

How do you pronounce the word eclectic?

How to pronounce?

This is very unusual, but we can then pronunciation changes. A becomes (ay) and an becomes (aan). And if we pronounce a letter of the alphabet, we say “Ay”.

How to pronounce jayden

pronounce names

Pronunciation: JAY-den Download Wav/MP3 file Your browser does not support iframes. Name Type: First Gender: Male Alternate Spelling(s):
Jayden Jaden Jadon Jadin Jaden Jadin

How to say Jaden in English?

Jaden is an English name?

Jayden it’s a given title this was rather obscure until the 1990s, when it and its variants appeared on the U.S. Social Security Administration’s list of the 1,000 most popular boy names.



Language(s) of origin

Other names Alternative spellings Jaeden Jayden Jayden Jaydin Jaydon Jaydin Jayden Jaidan

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